What Is This?

What Is This? May 3, 2016

My friend Eldad Keynan shared these photos of a carving in the wall of a building in the Golan Heights. Any suggestions as to what it might be or represent?

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  • histrogeek

    My guess are a trilobite, a fish skeleton, or a fern (turned sidewise).

  • markmatson

    scarab perhaps? Egyptian influence?

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    If you speak parseltongue to it, it opens the Chamber of Secrets.

  • Definitely a crude representation of Cthulhu. You can just make out the head, tentacles, and wings.

    Everybody roll for SAN loss…

  • Tony Prost

    Definitely proves human and trilobites lived together before the Flood!

  • Jon Hendry

    Frighteningly strange sheela-na-gig?