Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendations

I’ve been meaning since Peter Gurry blogged about it last year to mention the launch of the online Database of Conjectural Emendations. Just type in a verse or passage and it will inform you about suggestions about other readings that scholars have considered, even though they are not found in any extant manuscript. This is a good resource for understanding both the liberties scholars sometimes take in imagining how things might have happened in spite of the evidence we have, and thus also the limits to how far it is appropriate to go in embracing such speculation.

Database of Conjectural Emendations

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  • Al Cruise

    Conservative evangelicals say there is an attack on them. Truth is they are sweeping themselves into the dust bin of history. Roy Moore and his followers have a tight grip on that broom. The more the light shines on them the faster they sweep.