Call for Book Chapters on The Anthropological Study of Religious and Religion-Themed Mobile Apps

The Anthropological Study of Religious and Religion-Themed Mobile Apps (a call for book chapters):

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  • Gary

    To bring SciFi into anthropology and religious apps, I wonder what the effect on religion would be if the IPhone existed in ancient times? Moses wouldn’t be lost for 40 years. Adam and Eve’s Apple IPhone could goggle affects on humans of various fruit trees. The women at the base of the cross would all snap pictures. Stone rolled away, and Mary could confirm facts in a quick video, texted to the other disciples. Might make an interesting new version of “Life of Brian”.

    Along those lines, It seems that alien sightings (X-files types) have diminished from the 50’s to the present. Maybe that has to do with everyone having iPhones. At least, until the majority of users learn how to use photoshop.

    • Gary

      If Yahweh decides to slow down the software from Cupertino, I’ve found disabling JavaScript on Safari speeds it back up again, but the format is simplified, and you can’t comment with it disabled. View it as penance for having old hardware.

    • Tracieleigh Winchcombe

      Piczs pld

      • Tracieleigh Winchcombe

        Please send me a sign

      • Gary