The plain sense of the Bible

In March of this year (when I first posted this), the student group VERITAS brought Terry Mortenson to campus to speak about evolution. I will not discuss the biological aspects of his presentation, but will leave that to biologists and other specialists. Mortenson was exposed as talking about things (such as the meaning of Hebrew words) that he really knows little about that isn’t parrotted from other sources, and it would be foolish for me to make the same mistake.When… Read more

The WOW Signal

As the start of the semester approaches, I may find less time for blogging, and make shorter entries when I do. Today I wanted to make sure I shared Jerry Ehman’s account of the famous “Wow! signal”, one of the best candidates for a radio signal detected from outer space that is of intelligent, deliberate origin. Read more

LITERALLY Exploring Our Matrix?

When I chose the name for my blog, the Matrix films were still a hot topic for discussion. But because our context can be designated a ‘matrix’ in other senses as well, it seemed that it would be appropriate even in the longer term and from other perspectives.It seems, however, that there are some philosophers and other individuals who take the ‘Matrix Hypothesis’ very seriously (i.e. the idea that we are living in a computer simulation). Take a look at… Read more

Religion and Science Fiction

I watched Masters of Science Fiction on ABC for the first time this past weekend. Featuring not only Terry O’Quinn (who plays John Locke on LOST) but also the cigarette-smoking man as the U.S. president and narration by Stephen Hawking, I was quickly hooked. The episode that aired this past Saturday, “The Awakening”, was based on a scenario in which aliens with religious overtones make contact, initially through the descent of mysterious pods. The aliens within the pods send out… Read more

The Unicorn Museum

In a splendid parody of the “if it’s in the Bible, it must be true” viewpoint that lies behind such institutions as the Creation “Museum”, someone has created the Unicorn Museum. Read more

Childlike Faith

It has often struck me that many people assume that “faith like that of a little child” is one that simply accepts what is said, without questioning. This interpretation assumes that the child in question is of a certain type and age. However, more common to our experiences of childhood (whether our own or that of our children) is the tendency not to accept everything, but to question everything and always ask why. It is the child that points out… Read more

Tasty Revelations With Cheese

It was just after midnight when the Flying Spaghetti Monster (parmesan and heapings of sauce be upon him) appeared to me in a dream (or I dreamed he appeared to me – who can tell the difference?). He said that if I went quickly to the kitchen and boiled pasta for 7 minutes until it is al dente, he would prove to me that Intelligent Design is incompatible with theism. Who could resist such a revelation? I quickly boiled the… Read more

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Intelligent Design vs. Quantum Computation

I think it was Van Till who called creationist views just another variation on the old trick ‘heads I win, tails you lose’. If the universe has characteristics that can lead to life and complexity coming about through natural processes, this is taken as evidence that the universe is designed and fine-tuned by a creator. If the universe does not have such characteristics then life is improbable and thus must have been supernaturally created. Heads I win, tails you lose.Pointing… Read more

The New Perspective on Paul

In the latest issue of Christianity Today, Simon Gathercole offers a somewhat appreciative but also critical evaluation of the new perspective on Paul. For me, the new perspective’s major conclusions (such as that “the works of the Law” in Paul’s writings were not good works in general but symbols of the separateness of the Jews as God’s chosen people over against the Gentiles) seem completely sound conclusions that are right on target. This is not merely because Paul affirms judgment… Read more

Michael Behe on The Colbert Report

Those who interested in intelligent design will want to see Michael Behe’s appearance on The Colbert Report… Read more

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