The paper I gave in Rome published in NCBQ: “On Making the Case for Life: On St. Peter’s Counsel to Always Be Ready”

Last year I was invited by the Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelization to participate in an education conference in Rome on John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae.  Held at the Pontificia Università Urbaniana, the keynote address was given by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, which was followed by papers given by myself and Robert Royal (Faith & Reason Institute). A revised version of my  Rome talk, entitled “On Making the Case for Life: On St. Peter’s Counsel to Always Be Ready,” was just published in the Winter 2013 issue of the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 13.4.  To download the article, go here.

The next day, June 16, 2013, I had an opportunity to meet Pope Francis and give him a copy of my book, Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case for Abortion Choice (Cambridge University Press, 2007). (I tell the story of my meeting the Holy Father in a Catholic Thing column published last summer, “From Frances to Francis.”)

Francis Beckwith and Pope Francis (click picture to enlarge)
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