Believing is Seeing

Have you ever noticed how we begin to see certain things around us when we place enough importance on these things? Say you buy a new car and all of a sudden, you begin seeing that model everywhere you go. It feels as if your model has miraculously reproduced all over the highway, like rabbits during mating season! Yet we know that this realistically can’t be the case.

(c) Carl Studna

There’s a section of the brain called the reticular activating system, and its role is to alert our vision to things that we place of high value or importance. Keeping this in mind, imagine a daily life in which a large portion of our perception sees the pureness and goodness in others as we navigate throughout each day. Think of how radically this would shift our moment-to-moment set of life experiences.

The greater that we devote still time each day to center and deeply anchor in the values that we hold dear, the more immediately we receive demonstrations that align with these values.

As an example, I’ve valued the art of photography since age sixteen and without intentionally meaning to, I’ve placed a strong importance on seeing the subtleties of light throughout each day. This level of attention has grown into such a deep appreciation for feeling light’s brilliance, thus my reticular activating system has refined my daily way of seeing and feeling the world around me. I see through the lens of experiencing life’s awe and sense of the sacred as I feel light’s magic and splendor. Similar to traveling from the black and white terrain of Kansas to the Technicolor world of Oz! This is where I place my importance and my outer landscape now matches my inner values and visions.

What is it that you value so deeply to the degree that you’re willing to place your steadfast attention on this vision? Daily devote your inner focus there and watch it appear before you, as what you deeply value and focus upon takes form.

As you believe, you will see.

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