Your Expansive Life

In every moment, we are either thinking thoughts that are expansive or constrictive.  It’s pretty easy to determine which of these states of mind we’re in if we’re simply paying attention. Currently, I’m sitting on a plane with very little room to write, people brushing by my shoulder, and a constant shakiness as I’m typing these words. I have the choice of feeling challenged by my environment and constricting my energy, or seeing the entire scenario as an inventive adventure. In choosing the latter, all of the seeming restrictions become fun to maneuver as my attention is placed on opening to what’s possible.

How often do we unconsciously choose to assess a situation as a problem rather than a grand adventure?  We are here to excel beyond where we’ve been in the past, but in order to continue growing, we must let go of old, conditioned thoughts that can take us into a state of aggravation and victim consciousness. Any time that you feel the least bit tight in your body or throughout your energy system, you are being given a sign that constrictive thought patterns are being triggered.  In that moment, you have the opportunity to catch the tightness, akin to catching a ball in a mitt, and release it so that it has no power over you.

Signs of constrictive thinking might be:
• Shortness of breath
• Tightness of muscles
• Complaining conversations
• Subtle depression
• Confusion or complacency
• Headaches or stomach aches

(c) Carl Studna

When we become aware and truly believe that NOTHING in the Universe is against us, we literally lighten up and become free to embrace the opportunity to navigate situations that we haven’t yet mastered. After all, aren’t we here to constantly become more proficient and excel throughout life’s constant sea of changes?

In order to become masters at this expansive life, we need a reliable compass or touchstone as a tool to help guide our way. Anchoring deeply in a daily spiritual practice that helps guide us to our center serves in slowing down and opening to the more subtle messages of guidance. When our thoughts become still, we are more receptive to hearing simple truths that will always light our path of awakening.

Bring the light of truth to your awareness right now and feel the unlimited potential fill every part of your being with wonder and inspired vision. You are an expansive being and you are here to fly!

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