Relieving Spiritual Growth Pain

(c) Carl Studna

Remember what growth pains felt like as a child, especially when going through massive growth spurts? As if you were being stretched from the inside, a dull and constant discomfort pulsated throughout your legs and arms which made you feel a bit down and cranky.

Not too different from Spiritual growth pains except that our childhood pains naturally diminish as our bodies grow into their full development. Perhaps our Spiritual growth pains only exist when we choose not to listen to our inner guidance and directive?

This pain can take the form of depression, confusion, fear and immobilization. How often do you feel the effect of your feelings? Do you ever take action out of a driven, emotional impulse, thus making rash or unsupportive decisions? Have you ever isolated yourself from others convinced that they don’t understand you? Ever feel like you don’t fit in, as if the world doesn’t get you?

All of these are signs of experiencing pains of Spiritual growth. As we well know, what we resist persists, and it’s truly fruitless to resist our inner-guidance and innate wisdom sourced through Divine Intelligence. All of us are made out of a perfect and unique blueprint that provides boundless paths and terrains for us to choose brilliant ways to express our gifts and talents in a way that no one else can.

No effort is necessary, in fact, any ounce of trying slows down our progress as it simply adds unwanted weight to the journey. Think of going on a backpacking trip and bringing far more than you need. You literally become weighted down and your entire experience is diminished due to unneeded weight and hardship.

The greater that we lighten our load, the freer we feel. Any and all thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down can be released into the trust of your internal guidance. Remember the amazing scene in “Raiders of the Lost Arc” where Indiana Jones takes that leap of faith by jumping off the cliff and is immediately lifted by an invisible force that takes him to the other side?

This example serves as a powerful metaphor. It does not mean that we rashly jump due to blind faith or wishful thinking as that will surely cause us to fall due to the law of gravity. If you recall, Indiana heard a clear voice within, a power that directed him to jump. This directive was so pure and something within him knew that he could trust it. This is our Spiritual guidance, and it is always present, always there to fully uplift, guide and support us. When we choose to listen, our growth pains lighten and we begin to soar through our lives with pure grace as our wings and with love’s radiance guiding our path.

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