Strengthening Our Spiritual Muscles

Strengthening Our Spiritual Muscles December 6, 2013
(c) Carl Studna

Have you noticed how great your body feels after working out at the gym? How powerful it feels to get your heart pumping and your muscles toned? Doesn’t it feel like a small breakthrough as you walk out the door, knowing that you’ve worked through any resistance in getting yourself there? Often, an added benefit is a greater sense of mental acuity as well.

As we age, it’s more important than ever to maintain a weekly regimen that helps to keep our muscles strong and vital. Yet, the same is equally true with our Spiritual muscles, for if we let them get flabby, we begin to lose our sense of connection with all of life and with our source. When we strengthen our body muscle, it’s advised to gradually add more weight to our routine, for if we don’t, our muscles get used to the predictable weight we’ve been lifting and the toning lessens.

The same holds true with our Spiritual muscles. We must continue to add more weight and substance to our set of daily Spiritual practices, whether they’re meditation, journaling, contemplative reading, yoga or other methods that brings us to our center. Otherwise, we risk the possibility of simply going through the motions and having our rituals become another thing to do on our list of accomplishments.

How do we keep our Spiritual practices fresh and alive each day, expanding with our ever-growing consciousness? Below are a few questions to daily ask yourself that you might find beneficial.

  •  Am I fully giving my heart to this practice, and if not, what does it look and feel like to genuinely recommit?
  •  What is my true intention for doing this practice?
  •  How do I feel when I am truly resting in my center?
  •  Are there thoughts and feelings present that are blocking me from giving my all?

The greater that we become fully aware of those subtle choices that hinder our spiritual workout, the quicker that we’re able to course-correct and bring ourselves back to a strong, clear and vital awakened Self. Continue to strengthen your Spiritual muscles and witness every area of your life infused with greater vitality, purpose, peace, freedom and sense of connection.

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