Growing up in the United States as a child of the early sixties, Walt Disney and his cast of animated characters served as deep influence throughout many young children’s lives, bringing a rich element of magic, joy and hope to our world. Read more

In such a relatively short period of time, Western culture has created a new habit of being on our electronic devices during our free time. I’m not implying that there are not great attributes that can be accessed via electronics. Of course they offer us the opportunity to be creative, to work and excel at our gifts while waiting in an airport terminal and in other countless environments that used to be breeding grounds for “wasted time.” Read more

At the end of the day, once all of our tasks are complete, perhaps we have a precious hour to sprawl out on the couch, click on the tube and vegetate before bedtime. We make our way to bed, breathe a deep exhale and think, “Tomorrow I’ll give myself more time to smell the roses.” In the morning, the alarm wakes us to another day of endless demands and activity with no time to relax, reflect or be still. Read more

Imagine being out in the world and truly not caring an ounce about what other’s think of you. You’re solely basing your criteria through the lens of living a life of integrity to your inner-directive. You’re being guided by your deep and anchored values that naturally bring forth a rich sense of clarity, wisdom and compassion. Your beauty naturally shines from within as you go throughout your daily set of experiences. Read more

In traveling around the world, I’ve observed certain cultures that (as a whole) carry a sense of lightness and ease in their way of relating to others and the world around them. They embody a greater sense of freedom with less concern about how life might turn out in the next moment. Wonder and adventure lead their path and when in their presence, it’s hard to feel burdened or weighed down. Read more

I’m quite aware of the dysfunctional relationship that takes place when most of us are having our picture taken, thus, I always do my best to make people relaxed and feel safe throughout this most unique process. Where else are we asked to be still and hold a pose with the expectation of it looking relaxed and flattering? These days, there’s no escaping a camera in your face given that they are built into almost every cell phone on the planet! Read more

Is it any wonder why so many in our society feel confused, lost or apathetic? With all of the static around us, it’s not easy to hear a clear, purposeful directive; akin to driving a car and not remembering your destination. It’s necessary that we constantly reassess our values and goals to make sure that we’re remaining grounded in a genuine sense of purpose that’s coherent with our heart’s wisdom. Read more

Any time that you feel the least bit tight in your body or throughout your energy system, you are being given a sign that constrictive thought patterns are being triggered. In that moment, you have the opportunity to catch the tightness, akin to catching a ball in a mitt, and release it so that it has no power over you. Read more

Imagine if every time you felt challenged, hurt, stuck or confused you saw it as a sign to grow. Sound like a stretch? We’re so conditioned in our culture to think that something’s wrong when we’re not in the flow. However, think of how many times that you’ve learned a great lesson when, in retrospect, you’ve been able to review a life challenge and discover that it’s made you a wiser and more compassionate human being. Read more

It’s up to us as we grow into adulthood to place a new spin on taking risks and see them as a grand adventure. It’s imperative that we remove the knee-jerk response of judging our unfulfilled attempts as failures (that wound us) from the equation. In doing so, all that’s left is, “Hmm…what is there for me to learn here in order to grow and excel in my grandest of talents and expression?” Read more

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