Have you ever been in a relationship for too long, to the degree that it feels stale uninspired and lifeless? Or perhaps you’re currently in one and don’t know how to make it better, fresher, alive and passionate? When we learn how to communicate our needs in a responsible way, a liberating, open and refreshing atmosphere is created. Read more

Quite often, the people that we’re the closest to are the ones that we find the most challenging to remain open and vulnerable with. Whether it’s a spouse, child, parent, or closest friend, those that we share the greatest history with are often the ones that we fear we’ll have the most to lose if we are fully transparent and vulnerable. We become concerned that we’ll be judged and ridiculed for making a mistake or for expressing different views. Read more

Imagine being with your spouse, your co-worker, your children or your boss and having no fears whatsoever while communicating your truth. What would it feel like to be so trusting that you could say exactly what’s in your heart? There would be no need for hesitation or editing because fear would not be present. When we’re fully living from trust, fear does not exist. Read more

If you agree that we are a part of nature, then we are no different than these plants. When we live in a state of receptivity, we allow everything in our world to provide us with all resources needed to thrive. Perhaps the concept of survival grew out of our world view that we were separate from the whole? When we broaden our view and become receptive conduits for the good of everyone and everything, all answers are solved and all needs are cared for. Read more

Imagine having complete permission and encouragement to take the time each day for moments of devoted stillness. Imagine being brilliantly acknowledged and rewarded for how deeply you listened and resourced that perfect inner directive. Read more

My horse’s name is Rumi, and he’s one of the most present, sensitive and caring beings that I’ve ever had the honor of spending time with. Rumi’s previous owner spent years steeply teaching him in an holistic, “horse whisperer” form of training known as the Parelli Method, and I’ve found that this training applies more for the humans as we’re the ones that learn how to communicate on the more subtle levels with our horses. Read more

As we age, it’s more important than ever to maintain a weekly regimen that helps to keep our muscles strong and vital. Yet, the same is equally true with our Spiritual muscles, for if we let them get flabby, we begin to lose our sense of connection with all of life and with our source. Read more

It’s necessary that we challenge this social belief, look it straight in the face and recognize that we do have a choice. We can claim our gifts and become masters at our crafts. Whether you’re gifted as an accountant, an artist or scientist, the world is waiting for you to fully give your unique expression, like no one else can! Read more

The greater that we lighten our load, the freer we feel. Any and all thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down can be released into the trust of your internal guidance. Remember the amazing scene in “Raiders of the Lost Arc” where Indiana Jones takes that leap of faith by jumping off the cliff and is immediately lifted by an invisible force that takes him to the other side? Read more

In order for us to truly live an authentic life, on purpose with our unique and precious gifts, we must detach ourselves from the constant static of these outside influences. Begin to recognize which thoughts are yours and which are programmed by some outside source. How can we tell the difference? Read more

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