Let’s explore the distinction between a habit and an addiction. As we all know, our lives seem to be woven together through a series of thoughts and actions that eventually become habits. Some of these patterns that become ingrained into our daily lifestyle clearly serve us in healthy and productive ways, like brushing our teeth and bathing daily, while others take us down a path of frustration, depression and dis-ease. Some habits may seem incredibly difficult to break, but given… Read more

We must devote each moment of our lives to choices that promote freedom, creativity, and newness. Breaking free of old, encrusted, limiting thoughts requires ongoing, moment-to-moment focus on catching these unsupportive beliefs and exchanging them with thoughts that inspire and ignite your senses. Read more

The more consistently that we anchor in a daily spiritual practice that instills within us a greater sense of mindfulness, we then begin to observe our thoughts, actions, and feelings more consistently and readily. Quieting the mind through some form of meditation allows Spirit’s highest vision to be revealed. Read more

By bringing an attitude of loving self-care into our daily life and recognizing that when we are feeling nurtured and replenished, we can then give to others from a whole and balanced perspective. Read more

Step out of your comfort zone and be an explorer throughout each day’s set of experiences. When we view our life as a grand adventure, we see and think anew. Read more

It’s human nature to learn, grow and become wiser throughout our life, but an integral component needed to cultivate wisdom lies in being still and listening to our inner directive that can only be clear when we’re still. Read more

Devotion is a verb, always in motion. It is the platform that births all that we create, the seed that brings into form our strongest thoughts and feelings. Imagine releasing all self-judgment and simply observing how your life is unfolding right now. Read more

As I’ve grown and experienced my share of joys, trials and tribulations, I’ve continued to deepen in my sense of relationship with a higher, organizing power that governs all things. Read more

If we’re not conscious of where we place our attention, habits that we don’t particularly desire to cultivate can also be triggered and take us down a dull and lifeless road filled with unhealthy beliefs and feelings . How can you catch these negative culprits as they float in and out of your consciousness? Read more

What if living an intimate life began with how steeped we are each day in embodying and expressing our truest nature, who we really are beneath the layers of fear and the blocks they place in our path? Imagine the rich dimensions of feeling and gratitude that we would feel if there were no fears blocking our way of expressing ourselves in the world. Read more

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