Living Life Steeped in Intimacy…It’s Not Just About Sex

Living Life Steeped in Intimacy…It’s Not Just About Sex June 5, 2014

When you think of intimacy, does your mind immediately reference sexual opening and awakening with a partner? Yes, this is certainly one form of intimacy, but we actually have the choice to live a life steeped in intimate relations throughout our daily experience.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary describes the word intimate in its full definition as follows:

• Belonging to or characterizing one’s deepest nature.
• Marked by very close association, contact, or familiarity. Intimate knowledge of the law.

I love both of these definitions because they expand the meaning of the word beyond our conventional way of thinking.

(c) Carl Studna

What if living an intimate life began with how steeped we are each day in embodying and expressing our truest nature, who we really are beneath the layers of fear and the blocks they place in our path? Imagine the rich dimensions of feeling and gratitude that we would feel if there were no fears blocking our way of expressing ourselves in the world. We’d be living a life speaking and responding from our heart’s guidance. There would be no need to defend ourselves because we’d be communicating from a place of clear, transparent truth.

Intimacy exists when we have nothing to hide and nothing to defend, when we trust that at our core, love is our true essence; the foundation of all that exists. This deep-rooted understanding is what I consider intimate knowledge of the law. We must trust, beyond any shadow of doubt that we are always lifted and supported in a foundation of love. When we’re truly anchored in this awareness, a softness and richer beauty begins to shine from our being, from the inside out. We feel completely safe and know that no one can hurt us or take anything away from us.

Leading from this expanded awareness, we choose to be more vulnerable, letting our guard down and sharing the depth of our truth from an unconditionally loving perspective. As we lead from an open heart, we free ourselves from blame and judgment. We know that at our core, there is nothing to fix. We authentically show up being fully present, fully listening to each other and allowing love’s truth to heal any old wounds. Everything around us begins to feel fresh, new and alive as we lead from a greater sense of richness.

A broader spectrum of color radiates from us and all is refreshed in every dimension of our lives. Our communications are clear, open and compassionate. Our sexual relations embody a richer presence and tenderness to fully give, receive and be seen. Our care and compassion for ourselves is heightened as we feel nourished and fed in the arms of Infinite Grace. We fully trust and know that this is a safe universe and we allow ourselves to fully shine and co-exist in the Divine’s grandest intimate expression only known as You, Me, the One.

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