Black Feelings Matter: Being White in the BLM Movement

Creative Commons: Fibonacci Blue
Creative Commons: Fibonacci Blue

by Renita Marie

So this happened, as we were protesting the injustice of setting former police officer Jason Stockley free in the killing of Anthony Lamar Smith. I share as a teaching moment:
A black lady called me a bitch; my presence made her feel violent….
I did not do or say anything to provoke this, it just is…

Even as a child I never understood why black people were nice to white people–they have every reason to think us horrible creations…
It speaks to the character of black people that we get any love at all…

If we believe that black lives matter, we must also realize black feelings matter…
If our presence causes black lives to feel some kind of way, we need to fall back with grace, not indignation….

That lady, she’s hurting…
And people who look like me caused that hurt…..
I have to be honest, at first, I couldn’t believe she was talking about ME?!?!
And I had a moment of feeling some kind of way…

But it was just a moment…my spirit reminded my ego
Black lives are greater than white feelings

So, white folks be aware, be sensitive and compassionate….
Be present…be aware of other white folks…and if your white feelings get hurt, get them in check or go home…


Renita Marie is a R3 Contributor

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