When Demons Are Not Discussed

by Derrick HolmesPosted first at Are You Up Yet?In the 5th Chapter of the Luke’s Gospel, we find a particular passage of scripture.  One in which Jesus is having a very curious conversation with an unlikely collaborator.  The context in which the text occurs suggests that Jesus has traveled across the sea of Galilee with His disciples for the purpose of releasing a man who is possessed by demons.  Jesus arrives in the Gadarenes and is met by this beleaguered brother. The demonic infl … [Read more...]

A Theology of Prayer – The Language of the Humble

by Matt VegaOn June 14, I posted a status on Facebook confessing my lack of a daily devotional life (reading the bible and praying). Over time, it felt like a waste of precious time when I could be reading more relevant/urgent things – like how to dismantle racism- and I didn’t want to feel outdated. Christians are always saying “we need to be leading the way in X,Y, or Z” (which is, by the way, problematic).   Sadly, because of my experience with many evangelicals, I confused devotional li … [Read more...]

I’m Not Racist; I’m Nostalgic for Racial Terror

by George F. (Guy) McHendry Jr.First published at Citizen Critics. We thank the editors for allowing us to cross post this piece.For over a century a 16.5-foot-tall statue of Robert E. Lee towered over the city of New Orleans, standing as a symbol of the Confederate insurrection and various campaigns of racial terror throughout American history (slavery, Reconstruction, segregation, redlining, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration to name a few). This month the statue of Lee, and other … [Read more...]

The Evil of Being Silent

by Michael BoweDietrich Bonheoffer is often (mis) attributed for saying, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  Whether or not he said this, it still never ceases to amaze me the things we put up with now, as if they are common every day occurrences.  There seems to be a complete ignorance of prejudice.  Instead, of addressing these issues, people seem to be justifying them.  What happened to our decency … [Read more...]

Poverty Stinks!

by Peter GathjePoverty stinks, literally and metaphorically. Being in poverty and on the streets doubly stinks. A shower and a change of clothes helps with the literal stench. For a day or so, the stench of homelessness and poverty are kept at bay. A shower, followed by putting on freshly laundered clothing, and some deodorant, is a small but significant act of resistance. Still, sleeping in one’s clothes, not having a change of clothes, and not having access to a bathroom, will inevitably l … [Read more...]

Trump and Moral Authority

by Matthew BoedyThis first appeared on the Citizen Critic's blog. We thank the editors for allowing us to cross post this piece.Recently “moral authority” has become part of the debate over the effectiveness of the Trump presidency. It is important to understand how this concept works beyond presidential politics. It can impact more broadly how we interact with each other.First, the political. Former Labor Secretary in the Clinton administration Robert Reich wrote in April that “the m … [Read more...]

10 Rules for Addressing Panhandlers

by Peter GathjeWhen I give a talk about homelessness, I am often asked, “Should I give to a panhandler?” The following “rules” have emerged from personal experience with giving, talks with panhandlers, and some knowledge about homelessness.1. Give or don't give. It is really your choice. But always look the person in the eye who is asking, and say "Hi" and then maybe add, "Sorry I can't help today" OR "Here you go." Always treat the person with respect.2. If you do give to a panhand … [Read more...]

Where are the Pastors?: Clergy and the Movement

by Derrick HolmesA few days ago, I was at a City Council event where citizens, elected officials and community leaders alike all gathered in the same place to discuss issues going on in the city. In Columbus, Ohio, tensions between police officers and the public are high because of the deaths of Jaron Thomas, Ty’re King and Henry Green; all young African American men who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement.While at this event, as it was beginning and opening remarks w … [Read more...]

The Continuing Battle Against Patriarchy

by Hannah Adair BonnerSo, I'm going to pull myself out of my aunt's funeral preparations for a moment to weigh-in on this Held-Evans/Hatmaker/Warren control-versy, because y'all are honestly hurting my soul.In case you are unaware, there has been a woman-on-woman twitterary battle going on over a rather ill-advised opinion piece of a conservative Anglican priest, Rev. Tish Harrison Warren, that Christianity Today published. In the piece, Warren threw shade at a Christian blogger, Jen … [Read more...]

Give Joseph a Job

by Derrick HolmesThe reality of the prison industrial complex is one that negatively affects persons (the majority of which are people of color) all over this country.  Presently, the United States houses over a quarter of the world’s prison population despite representing only 1% of the world population. Upwards of 2 million Black and Brown bodies presently find themselves locked behind bars. Statistics show that most of the African Americans who end up incarcerated have been sentenced for n … [Read more...]