Death: The Gateway to Transformation by Dennis Peacocke

"For a will takes effect only at death, since it is not in force as long as the one who made it is alive.” –Hebrews 9:17 (ESV)Death does not always relate to the actual end of a life, in a physical sense. Ideas can die, relationships can die, habits can die, and so can projects or perspectives. In fact, our lives are filled with a slow-but-constant set of things “dying” as we move through the various stages of life. The issue is not what is dying, but rather that which has passed from our liv … [Read more...]

Toxic Faith by Robert Ricciardelli

Toxic Faith (a summary)1.         INTRODUCTIONA.   The following is a summary of the book Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton (Oliver-Nelson, 1991)B.   I wrote this years ago because of the continuing abuse by church systems and church leaders, but also by church members who have drank the religious Kool-aid.2.         INTRODUCTORY ISSUESA.   Religious addiction1.   Def. of addiction: when a person is excessively/compulsively devoted (sacrificing family, job, econom … [Read more...]

The Platform by Alan Smith – Personalized for Robert Ricciardelli

In 2002 while we were living and building the foundational platform for the Converging Zone Network, God very clearly spoke to Joyce, build a platform for His voice to be heard. It was confirmation that we were to build a platform for God's voice to be heard through many others who carry His heart and purposes. Just a year later, we met Alan Smith, and at that meeting after hearing our story, Alan looked at us and told that the dream he had a year earlier was very much about us, he declared, … [Read more...]

Dennis Peacocke Radio Interview on Kingdom Economics

Joining Debra Rae for this month's TRUTHTalk edition of the show is Dennis Peacocke a much sought out as a passionate voice for biblical foundations that undergird freedom, prosperity, and community. An author of four books, pastor, and international lecturer on applied theology in business, economics, and current events, Peacocke offers premises and solutions for substantively addressing the menacing global crisis at hand.If acted upon, Peacocke’s informed Christian challenge promises to c … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Ourselves by Dennis Peacocke

Self-centeredness is the core and curse of our fallen nature. We can’t get out of ourselves. Our own lives, will, and perspective are the be all and end all of our myopic existence. Of all of our eccentricities, our preoccupation with ourselves is the most difficult of all "prisons" to escape.Self-centeredness is the core and curse of our fallen nature. We can’t get out of ourselves. Our own lives, will, and perspective are the be all and end all of our myopic existence. Of all of our ecc … [Read more...]

God is Never Distant by Robert Ricciardelli

Striving to obtain love, peace and joy can be wasted in religious energy. The perception exists that God needs to be talked into doing things for us. It is the realization of His presence and provision within us that sets us free to be who we are. The more aware we become of God in us, the more overwhelmed we are with a sense of total fulfillment and completeness. Our needs and desires become insignificant as He increasingly becomes the significant center of our being. He is not a God who is a … [Read more...]

Do Not Categorically Blame Muslims for Boston by Robert Ricciardelli

Blaming Muslims for the tragedy in Boston is like blaming the Newtown Massacre on single moms or home schooling because the perpetrator’s upbringing had both of those elements. Right after 9/11 some hate filled Americans murdered a number of people because they “looked Muslim” even though they were actually from a completely different religion. Soon after the report that the Tsarnaev’s claimed to be Muslim, someone blaming Muslims for the Boston terrorist attacks attacked a Muslim woman with an i … [Read more...]

Unfolding Revelation for the Seer by Robert Ricciardelli

It is God who opens our minds and hearts to understanding His ways. Every bit of seeing and understanding spiritual things is a work from heaven, and it not a one time thing, but revelation that constantly unfolds for us. It is possible for us to go on seeing and seeing, and more fully seeing, yet it is a work that is not our own doing but God who reveals every fresh fragment of truth to us. Spiritual Life is not only a miracle in its inception, but it is a continuous miracle that works in our … [Read more...]

Please Forgive Me by Robert Ricciardelli

I represent God in some moments better than others. If I have failed to love you unconditionally, forgive me, for my God loves much more than me, and without conditions. If I have failed you in my commitment to you, forgive me, for my God is unceasingly faithful. If the words I have spoken have not been true, forgive me, for my God is all truth. If I have even been impatient with you, or angry, forgive me, for my God is patient, kind, and slow to anger. If I have not shown compassion, I am … [Read more...]

Authority and Obedience Pitfalls by Robert Ricciardelli

Some people have all the authority while others are told they must obey those in authority. This separation can cause authoritative behavior on the one side and doormat behavior on the other. It will most often pervert authority as well as obedience. A person with great authority who has nobody to be obedient to is in great spiritual danger. A very obedient person who lives with no authority can equally be in danger.Jesus spoke with great authority, was given all authority, and yet his whole … [Read more...]