Believe in the Power of God by Robert Ricciardelli

Sooner or later, man has always had to decide whether he worships his own power or the power of God, whether he relies on what he can do rather than what God can do through his life. True success comes only through our abiding in the glory of God and in the Spirit realm of wisdom and revelation. The eyes of our understanding must be enlightened so that we have clarity of purpose, hope in the inheritance we have received, and operative knowledge of  God’s ways and the unlimited power within us. The fullness of God through Christ fills all things everywhere, and that same fullness and power is in each one of us. There is no difficulty that cannot be defeated. There is no victory that cannot be achieved, if You Believe in the Power of God!

Whose power do you rely on each day?

Are you living in the power that only comes through an intimate relationship with your God?

What will you and God manifest on earth in the days ahead?

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