How To Measure a Transformed Existence by Robert Ricciardelli

When our hearts have been transformed by the Spirit of Christ we see all things quite differently. We have the ability to respond to the world in ways beyond ourselves, and when we go beyond the cares of self, we want to see others set free to become healed and whole. There is a desire to become a better person, to grow in love, compassion and forgiveness. The Word of God within us urges us to grow into the likeness of Christ for which we have been created. When we actually engage in forgiveness, compassion and love, it is the Christ consciousness breaking through our lives. It is only through the power of God within us that we have the ability to see as He does, love as He does, and bring His presence and healing to world around us.

How do you measure your own transformed existence?
Do you see things like never before?
Do you desire for others in such a way that your focus on self diminishes?

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