Releasing Wisdom and Creativity Through Your Life by Robert Ricciardelli

God had you in his mind well before the earth got its start. He was celebrating who you would become in Him before any mountains were formed or rivers were flowing. You are loved by God and destined to live a life of wisdom and creativity. Wisdom and creativity are inseparable, in fact, creativity is a manifestation of wisdom in the context of excellence and integrity. Wisdom is personified in Christ, and the companion of God in the creation of all things. Therefore wisdom and creativity must not be separated in our hearts and minds. They are essential for us in our journey of being an effective ambassador for God, and a light for His glory. It is wisdom that brings favor, and an attractive illumination of His love to the world around us. While most God inspired people value wisdom, most do not have an equal value for the role of creativity in their God-given purpose. Yet it is creativity that radiates the presence of Wisdom, and Wisdom delightfully responds to the creativity of it’s children.

Are you living your life as a highly favored child of God?
Are you expecting to create through out your day from Wisdom within?
What kind of brilliance will you manifest today from your creative nature?

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