The Bible Can be Dangerous with the Wrong Heart by Robert Ricciardelli

Self centered people misuse human love and often misuse Divine Love, and the very Word of God. Religious encounters can lead toward righteousness, and yet when misappropriated, can lead toward evil. An inflated ego bent toward self advancement after a spiritual experience can be very dangerous. Unless we resolve the textual conflict that happens because of misguided eros love, the Bible will continue to be one of the most dangerous tools used against mankind. Unless we go beyond the written text and into the very heart and nature of God and His love, the text will remain a problem, even though it also reveals the solution.

Why was Jesus so upset with the religious leaders of His day?

Have we used the Bible to create religious exclusivity or bring people into the inclusivity of God’s love?

We must read the Bible in context and with the eyes of Love. Are you reading Love or judgment into your devotions?

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