The Love, Joy, and Peace of Imperfection by Robert Ricciardelli

Knowing ourselves and being willing to make mistakes are essential qualities that lead to gradual growth. To err is to be human, forgiveness divine, and grace abounds beyond our sins. God uses imperfection to understand His divine perfection, and uses weakness to create strength in us. Spiritual maturity gives us the ability to have peace and joy in an imperfect world. God loves us the way we are, and if God did not love imperfect people, He would have no one to love. We may admire angels, but God cherishes and raises up imperfect sons and daughters into His likeness.

Are you becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses while living in the fullness of freedom and life?

Do you see yourself loved and cherished by Heavenly Father in the midst of your failure and weakness?

As a student in the school of humanity, God will teach you through every trial and every wayward choice.

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