Your Breakdowns Can Precede Your Breakthroughs by Robert Ricciardelli

Sometimes your breakdowns become the seed for the beginning of your breakthroughs. The adversity becomes the advancement and preparation needed for your transformation. Without breakthroughs in revelation and passion for what you are about to do, anything can hinder you. All breakthroughs begin to shift your belief systems and perceptions, and they fuel your passionate resolve. You are now passionately empowered to take risks, jump over hurdles, and break through the walls that would otherwise stop you or slow you down.

Have you hit a bump in the road? What can you learn from it to prepare you for breakthrough into the next season?

Are you questioning things that you never questioned before? Is God shifting your beliefs for tomorrow?

All things, even the bumps and tragedies, are working together for good for you and your journey ahead.

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