Proudly presenting Jayne DeMarco’s amazing ‘This Is What An Atheist Looks Like’ series

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Pat Tillman Jayne Demarco's wonderful series, This Is What An Atheist Looks Like has been graciously allowed for our use. Jayne has even offered to donate an original piece for the Rock Beyond Belief. Thank you, Jayne. We will be reposting your stereotype-breaking artwork at regular intervals. … [Read more...]

Jen McCreight of Boobquake and BlagHag fame, to speak at Rock Beyond Belief

BlagHag is Jen's popular blog. As an atheist, she faces a (reluctantly and self-aware) male-dominated blogosphere/lithosphere. Juggling a demanding college schedule (earning a PhD in Genome Science) and running a high-profile website is the norm for the 22 year old darling of the atheist community. Her posts alternate hard science with secular activism, spliced with the type of personal touch you'd expect from any blog worth it's salt. Responding to the ridiculous ramblings of Iranian prayer … [Read more...]

John Lennon: Happy 70th Birthday

You were one of us. You are missed. … [Read more...]

Spoonboy to play Rock Beyond Belief

Press play. This might be your new favorite song. Spoonboy - What You Want Spoonboy is the under-appreciated solo project of David Combs, of the Max Levine Ensemble. His album, "I Love You This Is A Robbery" is in my top 10 albums of all time. The entire album has punky folk songs about self-empowerment, finding your own identity, standing up for what is right, and over-all optimism even in the face of the dark social problems facing all of us. As a whole, it functions as an everyman's … [Read more...]

Melodysheep A.K.A. Symphony Science to play Rock Beyond Belief

This video should be required viewing for anyone over the age of zero. The lead singers are: Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Carl Sagan, etc. Confused? Don't be! Be adventurous and click play. Rock Beyond Belief is proud to announce that MelodySheep will be a part of our lineup! At this point, we would welcome either the top secret 'live project' he is working on, or the speaker/musicvideo combination intertwined that simply can not fail. I'll post one more here, but you really should head on over … [Read more...]

Military Religious Freedom Foundation supports Rock Beyond Belief

2010 Nobel Peace Prize nominated group, Military Religious Freedom Foundation has been standing up for the rights of the oppressed service members of the United States, both religious and secular, for years now. MRFF's contributions to soldiers everywhere are misleadingly public. The real truth is that most of the fighting is done behind the scenes, not to say that they haven't picked a public fight or two. The story of SPC Jeremy Hall should be enough to convince anyone that the need for an … [Read more...]

Hemant Mehta, @FriendlyAtheist shows his support for Rock Beyond Belief on Fort Bragg

Hemant Mehta, owner/operator of has generously announced his support for the Ft Bragg event, and even posted my email and description of our event. Thanks for helping us get the ball rolling here, Hemant! It was encouraging to see a concise description of the controversy: There's been an uproar lately about how an Evangelical Christian event took place at the military base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The problem is that military leaders were using their positions to … [Read more...]