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There are no atheists in foxholes in sandstorms.

“There are no atheists in foxholes… in sandstorms.”
Too smart for that shit. [Read more…]

The Rap Guide to Evolution Opening Off-Broadway

Baba Brinkman is known as the “rap troubadour” and he certainly lives up to that title with his eloquent flow and literary ‘skillzzz.’ However, at this point in his career it seems fitting that he should take on another worthy nom de plume. I suggest “neoclassical Renaissance MC” would be a fitting new moniker because [Read More…]

Have a Delicious Limited Public Forum and Eat it Too

I’ve never seen John 3:16 proselytism via cake until now. People will likely agree that this is inappropriate. But is it legal? And does ‘Atheist cake’ exist? [Read more…]

Camp Quest’s Amy Monsky Brings Secular Summer Camp to Ft Bragg Families 2012 (via

RBB and Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (MASH) is proud to call Amy Monsky a friend and ally.  A shooting star in the secular community, she has channeled a tremendous amount of energy into Camp Quest –  the summer camp beyond belief! Amy Monsky Camp Quest South Carolina Director Camp Quest Chesapeake Staff Camp Quest, Inc. Board [Read More…]

Rock Beyond the Bubble

Last week we posted a link to an article on our Facebook page entitled, “What is Facebook Hiding From You?” and it touched off a string of thought provoking comments and ideas so we thought it would be worth a closer look.   The article discusses the filter bubble – a curious problem that occurs when Internet [Read More…]

Merriam-Webster Cites Sergeant Griffith For “Secular” Entry

secular SEK-yuh-ler


“In response, Sergeant Griffith has recruited a star lineup of atheist musicians and speakers, including the writer Richard Dawkins, to headline a secular event, possibly for the fall.” — From an article by James Dao in The New York Times, April 27, 2011 [Read more…]

PandaMania Bible Summer Camp… Mascot Fail

Parents who sign the permission slip from the Fort Bragg schools are signing their children up for the PandaMania VBS package. Bears are scary even in the Bible. [Read more…]

Brave Army Captain On the Dangers of Fighting Proselytism

In case the reader is unaware, simply speaking out and standing up for what is right when it comes to religion is extremely tough at the local unit level. Speaking out at the national level is exponentially more difficult, but is simply not a path that most people can take. This letter also illustrates that even just enforcing existing rules, regulations, and laws can be hazardous to your career. The author has clearly made tough choices, and at great risk to his own professional development. [Read more…]