Archives for October 4, 2010

Me and Al Mohler

Just for the record (in case anyone cares), as an unapologetic, unashamed and determined evangelical I wish to state for the record that Al Mohler (cover story subject, Christianity Today, October, 2010 and picture story at AOL's Welcome Page, October 4, 2010) does not speak for me.  Thank you very much. … [Read more...]

Another fatal flaw in Calvinism

The second fatal flaw (that I will describe here) in (at least some) Calvinism is worse than the first because it touches not only logic but God's reputation.Many Calvinists claim that God loves all people.  The only way to make this work within the TULIP system is to redefine love so that it loses all meaning.THE crucial question facing Calvinism is why God does not save everyone rather than "pass over" many damning them to eternal suffering forever (when he could save them because election … [Read more...]