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God's "wasteful scatteration of grace"

I rarely post other people's writings here, but this sermon by Bill Smelvoe (preached in chapel at Regent College, Vancouver) especially well expresses my belief about God's grace.  I couldn't have said it better or as well!Bill SvelmoeI grew up on a mission base in the Philippines. It was a beautiful spot, fruit trees everywhere, a lovely spring fed swimming hole, and lots of other kids to play with. But my relationship with God was not always so idyllic. I grew up conflicted about God and … [Read more...]

Al Mohler, evolution and other Christians

According to reports (e.g., Baptist Press, August 10, 2005) Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Al Mohler believes a person cannot be consistently both Christian and believer in evolution.I wonder what he would say about the book Darwin's Forgotten Defenders: The Encounter between Evangelical Theology and Evolutionary Thought by David N. Livingstone (1984)?Interestingly, Old School Princeton theologian and inerrancy defender Benjamin B. Warfield (generally considered a hero by … [Read more...]