Archives for October 20, 2010

Those pesky "shelf doctrines"

In his very readable book Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport (2004) Fuller Seminary president Richard M0uw describes limited atonement as his "shelf doctrine."  In other words, it's a doctrine he believes in but doesn't quite know what to do with.  Occasionally he takes it down, dusts it off and thinks about it.  He believes in it, but not enthusiastically. Well, that's how I interpret what he says.I won't put words in Mouw's mouth, but I think in most cases (whether in his or not) believers ha … [Read more...]

A word about that awful word "cult"

Some here and elsewhere have tossed around the word "cult" as if it were not a dangerous label to slap on others.  The fact of the matter is that today it is dangerous.  Calling a group a "cult" is like putting a target on them.  It used to be the case that "cult" designated any seriously aberrant religious group in terms of beliefs.  Thus, in the distant past, evangelical Christians calling certain other religious movements and sects "cults" meant only that they were outside the pale of Chri … [Read more...]