Archives for March 2, 2011

Recommendation of a good book

I think I’ve recommended this book before, but I’m reading it for the third time (because my students are reading it): The Doors of the Sea by David Bentley Hart (Eerdmans, 2005). It’s only 109 small pages in length, but it is one of the best books on God’s sovereignty and the problem of evil I have ever read. Which is not to say I agree with everything he says in it.The subtitle is Where was God in the Tsunami? But it’s not just about that one terrible event or just about natural disaster … [Read more...]

My response to Rob Bell's promo video LOVE WINS

My response is: Hold the fire!  What does Bell say in that video that justifies accusations of heresy?  All I hear him doing is raising questions.  He doesn't make any declarative statement that commits him to universalism or any other heresy.The problem I have been pointing out here is NOT legitimate criticism; it is the tendency to jump the gun and assume what someone else believes or means based on very skimpy or non-existent evidence. In my opinion, anyone who reacts to that video neg … [Read more...]