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My letter to First Things (responding to the McDermott article)

I have been assured this will be published in the next issue of First Things.To the Editor, First Things:If Gerald McDermott is right, Martin Luther is the person ultimately responsible for liberal theology (“Evangelicals divided,” April, 2011).  Like those evangelicals McDermott labels “meliorists” (a term none of us use!), Luther dared to challenge time honored and settled traditions.  Of course, I disagree with McDermott that fresh and faithful biblical research that challenges tradition … [Read more...]

My response to Gerald McDermott's article in First Things

Read "Evangelicals Divided" by Gerald McDermott in the April (2011) issue of First Things.  Here is what I posted in the discussion following the article at First Things' web site:"Ken Collins speaks for me on this particular issue.  McDermott is delivering a most ungenerous and even distorted representation of my postconservative evangelical approach to theology.  I have told him and written that for me and other postconservatives the Bible is our ultimate standard and rule for faith and pr … [Read more...]