Archives for October 18, 2011

Announcement of Interview re: Against Calvinism has invited me to sit down for an interview via Skype for my new book, Against Calvinism. The interview is this Thursday (October 20) at 1:00 p.m. (Central) on If you'd like to ask questions about the book, email them to, tweet them using #MinistryDirect, or type them into the Facebook interaction tool on the live page. (You have to be logged into Facebook to do the last one.) I did a previous interview with … [Read more...]

Romans 9

Several Calvinists who have posted comments here have suggested or outrightly claimed that Arminians have no exegesis of Romans 9.  In fact, SOME Calvinists make a habit of going around claiming that Arminians are weak on exegesis--period.I think some of this here was brought on my my comment--quoting John Wesley--that whatever Romans 9 means it can't mean "that" (i.e., double predestination).  Actually, and I should have said this earlier, that was not Wesley's only comment on Romans 9.  Sc … [Read more...]