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Here we go again…the words “evangelical” and “cult” being misused in the media

According to SOME news reports (I always have to say that because news reports don't always agree with each other) this past week the pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, publicly proclaimed that evangelicals cannot vote for a Mormon candidate for president because he belongs to a "cult."  (One report said he qualified that by saying that evangelicals should vote for the Mormon candidate ONLY if the only other option is President Obama!)  Apparently, this pastor represents himself as speaking … [Read more...]

Some thoughts about conversations/debates between Calvinists and Arminians

Now that my book Against Calvinism is published I'm receiving invitations to debate Calvinists.  What I want to say is...everything I have to say on the subject is in the book.  Read it.  What I am doing in the book is NOT trying to shoot down Calvinism; I'm trying to explain as clearly as I can WHY I AM NOT A CALVINIST.  Unfortunately there is already a book of that title.  I happen to think my book is different even though the material overlaps some.  I wouldn't have written my book if I didn' … [Read more...]

Final installment of the review of Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible

Christian Smith, The Bible Made Impossible, Chapter 7 “Rethinking Human Knowledge, Authority, and Understanding” and “Conclusion”Smith here argues for evangelicals to “break from modern epistemological foundationalism once and for all, but without sliding into a problematic postmodernism.” (149)  As he sees it (and he’s not alone) modern and contemporary evangelical theology has “bought into foundationalism whole hog.” (150)  This is what Mark Noll and others have ironically labeled the “evan … [Read more...]

Another installment of my review of Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible

Christian Smith, The Bible Made Impossible, Chapter 6: “Accepting Complexity and Ambiguity”There is no chapter in Smith’s book with which I agree more than this one.  While I don’t think his prescriptions here will go very far toward reducing pervasive interpretive pluralism (PIP), they are of paramount importance for evangelical honesty (toward the Bible) and generosity (toward each other and other Christians).I cannot recommend this chapter highly enough; I wish every evangelical (and t … [Read more...]

A word about reading one’s own book…and almost crying!

I know without any doubt that some critic of Against Calvinism is going to gleefully point out that I cannot even get my New Testament references right.  I'm reading my own book for the first time in published form.  I come to page 68 and read: "Some Calvinists interpret 2 Peter 2:4 as referring only to the elect, but in light of 1 Timothy 2:4, that hardly works."  (Fourth line from the top through sixth line from the top.)Obviously, it should read "2 Peter 3:9."  So I went back and looked at … [Read more...]