URL for my Ministry Direct (AG) interview

URL for my Ministry Direct (AG) interview October 22, 2011

Below is the link to my interview with George P. Wood, Director of Ministerial Resourcing of the Assemblies of God.


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  • Monika Freyhardt

    Hello Mr. Olson,
    I’m Monika Freyhardt from Germany and I’ve read the book “The Shack” and your book “Finding God in The Shack” and I wish to give you some information: On page 119 “Gott vergibt jedem” (God forgives everyone) you wright that you don’t know why Mack does apologize to his father. Please see in the preface to “The Shack” on page 10 (German edition) where Mack told after the time his father killed him almost: “Two weeks later … he deserted. But before he put rat poison in each bottle of spirits he could find on the farm.” So Mack had killed his father! He carried this hard sin all his life. And this is the reason why he ran to his father to apologize.
    Have a good time and God bless you.
    Best regards Monika Freyhardt

    • rogereolson

      That has now been pointed out to me numerous times. Thanks for doing so again.

  • Thanks for this posting. I will get a link to it up on my blog. The crowd I have run with over the years don’t believe that Arminianism has any intellectual energy. Your books and this presentation show otherwise.

  • Piper’s chilling assertion in recent blog: “God decrees cancer” underscores points you made in A/G interview.

    • rogereolson

      Exactly. At least Piper is open and honest and doesn’t pull punches with what Calvinism believes and teaches. I appreciate that about him.