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Quick report on Calvinst-Arminian dialogues

This past weekend (Saturday, January 28) I engaged in another public dialogue with my favorite Calvinist Michael Horton. While I strongly disagree with some of his characterizations of Arminianism (e.g, "man-centered theology") he is a gentleman and a scholar who never stoops to using ridicule or insults and always strives to be fair in his descriptions of theologies with which he disagrees. And he never makes it a personal issue; he can express very strong disagreement while remaining friendly. … [Read more...]

And now…to the other side (on issues of gender)

The trouble with young men?            This is following up on my earlier posts about so-called (evangelical) complementarianism. Anyone who has followed this blog very long knows how strongly I feel about equality between men and women. I won't repeat all that. If you have doubts, just go back and read some of my posts on gender issues.            A few commenters here thought that by rejecting complementarianism I was rejecting differences between the sexes (other than physiological). N … [Read more...]

On tossing out the evangelical spectrum: Part 2

Types of evangelical theology: replacing the “spectrum”In part one of this series I talked about the limitations of attempting to place every theologian somewhere on a spectrum defined by “right,” “middle,” and “left.” It’s a habit of evangelical theologians that’s hard to break. That spectrum was originally tied to modernity. Theologians to the “left” were those who accommodated to modernity; those to the right rejected modernity; those in the middle worked with some kind of synthesis of mod … [Read more...]

On tossing out the “right-middle-left” spectrum

Types of evangelical theology: replacing the “spectrum” Part 1For a long time scholars studying Evangelicalism have used the analogy of a spectrum to describe its theological diversity. The spectrum is always from “right” to “middle” to “left” with “middle” indicating adherence to the “received evangelical doctrinal tradition” with neither accommodation to modern culture nor over-reaction against it. Books like Millard Erickson’s The Evangelical Left and George Marsden’s Understanding Fundame … [Read more...]

Strong meat, not milk: Are some things impossible to believe?

Are Some Things Impossible to Believe?Lewis Carroll’s White Queen tells Alice that sometimes she has believed six impossible things before breakfast. That led some later wits to quip that faith is believing six impossible things before breakfast.Lately I’ve been re-reading Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology (having read it many years ago).The first volume was first published in the early 1870s. I wonder if Hodge had read Through the Looking Glass which was published in 1871?Or perha … [Read more...]

Neo-fundamentalism (excellent but somewhat lengthy essay)

Below is an essay written by a friend. I have only altered it to correct spelling and mechanical errors (e.g., to put a space between words where one was missing). I judge this an incisive explanation of something significant happening among evangelicals today. In fact, I have said here before that I now believe there are really two evangelicalism--the one focused on in this paper and traditional, mainline, moderate evangelicalism (the "Billy Graham coalition" including the National Association … [Read more...]

About “judging God’s morality”

About “Judging God’s Morality”Recently an acquaintance asked me if I am guilty of “judging God’s morality.” He explained that his reason for asking is my answer to my student’s question “If it were revealed to you in a way you could not doubt that God is as Calvinism says, would you still worship him?” My answer was “No.” Apparently this response caused my acquaintance some consternation. I responded that I didn’t see why. He further explained that it seemed to him inappropriate to judge God. … [Read more...]