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Response to another misrepresentation of Arminianism

And here we go again…another case of Calvinist misrepresentation of ArminianismTwenty years ago I picked up and read the first issue of Modern Reformation magazine. It was a special issue on Arminianism. On the cover was a reproduction of a popular tract that showed a ballot with a sinner’s eternal destiny at stake in the election. God voted for the sinner; Satan voted against him and he got to cast the deciding vote. Every article in the issue blasted Arminianism and Arminian theology as sem … [Read more...]

A personal testimony (some won’t like)

I have an essay all ready to post here and was going to do it today. It's about the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine and an article in it that misrepresents Arminianism. I'll post it next time (Lord willing).One commenter today inspired me to share a story of God's intervention in my life recently. I know some aren't going to believe it, but I don't really care. I think sharing stories of God alive and well and at work is an important part of being evangelical. We don't have … [Read more...]

A final comment (for now) about complementarianism

Egalitarianism (with regard to marriage) is the view that in a marriage husband and wife should agree before any decisions are made or actions taken that affect the family (whether that be just them as a couple or includes children). Whether one or the other is called "the leader" of the family is irrelevant (although, of course, most contemporary egalitarians do not like that designation especially for the husband!). I judge that a couple has an egalitarian marriage insofar as neither one makes … [Read more...]

Truth, Authority and Roles

Truth, Authority and Roles“He who begins by loving Christianity, better than truth, will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end in loving himself better than all.” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Aids to Reflection)Consider this little essay background explanation of why I am against complementarianism and hierarchy in general. Hierarchy, including complementarianism, emphasizes roles and “authority over” and “submission to” based on them. In other words, to … [Read more...]

A challenge to “evangelical complementarians”

Following up on my earlier post about evangelical complementarianism...I now see that it is possible to interpret the evangelical seminary dean's comments about Eve being "cursed in her role before the fall" as NOT implying that she was cursed before the fall. The syntax of his sentence is tricky. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt here because it seems to me to say that Eve was cursed before the fall would be very strange indeed (if not a bit crazy).As I said in response to … [Read more...]

Religious identities geographically displayed

A colleague sent me this link. He knows I am deeply interested in denominations and in the concept "evangelical." See: tried both keyboarding it here and copying it here from the actual web site but in neither case would it display as a hyperlink.)Here are some things that grab my attention (not that they all necessarily surprise me):1) The states where the greatest portion of the population identifies as "evangelical" … [Read more...]

And now…on the other side (critique of extreme complementarianism)

And now…the other extreme from “Christian feminism”Recently here I critiqued contemporary radical Christian Feminism while applauding egalitarianism. By “radical Christian Feminism” I mean the approach to theology that begins from women’s experience and resymbolizes God away from the predominantly male images of scripture to  female images treated as superior to male images for their social value (e.g., in promoting equality rather than hierarchy). I regard the theologies of Rosemary Ruether, … [Read more...]