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A Mysterious Topic: Part 1

A Mysterious Topic: “Mystery,” “Paradox,” and “Contradiction” in Theology (Part 1)I was recently asked to preview the manuscript of a forthcoming book on theology and mystery. I promise to review it here when it is published. So far, however, the manuscript is open to possible changes by the book’s authors, so I don’t want to comment on it specifically. I have suggested some possible revisions and am trusting they may make them before the book is published.My intention is not to tease you … [Read more...]

Good article about Social Darwinism

Coincidentally (?) just as I was blogging about Social Darwinism last week, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was getting ready to publish a major op-ed piece about the subject. I don't know what access you might have to it on line, but it is on the front page of the "Opinion Exchange" section (OP1) Sunday, May 27 (2012). Hopefully, if you want to read it, it is available on line.The article is entitled "Survival of the fittest: The evolution of an idea" and is by Stephen B. Young (global … [Read more...]

And now…on the other hand…

For a few days we've been discussing the faiths of the founding fathers. I'm still on that subject, but today's post will probably upset the "other side"--those who have been with me so far.Even thought the leading founding fathers (Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Madison) were not orthodox Christians, they were theists. I believe (based on much reading and studying of their writings including their private letters) that they all believed that belief in God (sorry for all the … [Read more...]

A good book about the religious beliefs of the “founding fathers”

A person promoting revisionist history here recently declared that no honest person can deny that the U.S.'s founding fathers were Christians. I don't know anyone who denies they (at least most of them) were formally Christians in the sense of being baptized members of nominally Christian churches. The issue is their real beliefs.Yesterday I visited the largest Half Price Bookstore in the world--a veritable Costco (if that's the right analogy) of books. It would take someone many hours to … [Read more...]

Part 11 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Chapter 11 The Kingdom of God

Part 11 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Chapter 11 The Kingdom of GodAs those of you who have followed my blog for some time know, the Kingdom of God is one of my favorite themes. I am deeply concerned that most Christians seem to misunderstand the Kingdom of God. They talk about “building the Kingdom” and the church as the Kingdom of God. These are simply theological mistakes. Scripture says nothing about “building the Kingdom” (the Kingdom of God is gift) or about the church itself as … [Read more...]

Should a Christian Work for Government?

Should a Christian Work for Government?Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Hauerwas. Earlier I read a lot of Yoder and still do pick him up occasionally. Neither one says Christians shouldn’t work for government, but things they do say about Christianity and government incline that way.Of course there are government jobs where no conceivable conflict with Christian faith and morals would arise—the drivers license bureau, etc. At least one would be hard pressed to think of such conflicts. (O … [Read more...]

A final word on Social Darwinism (and misunderstanding a blog!)

Recently I blogged here about Social Darwinism. My main point was that Social Darwinism is incompatible with Christianity. Somehow that launched some readers into a series of assumptions and comments based on them. They assumed that I was attacking capitalism. That's instructive to me. Do some people interpret any criticism of Social Darwinism as criticism of capitalism? I certainly hope not, but so it seems.True, I'm not a fan of unregulated, unrestrained capitalism. I don't call myself a … [Read more...]