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Guest post about Romney and the Religious Right

(The following post is by Brandon Morgan. It does not necessarily express the views held by this blogger. (Of course, I wouldn't post it here if I didn't think it raised some very important questions.) And it does not imply endorsement of any candidate or party.)A Republican candidate being asked to give the commencement address at Liberty University is no surprise, especially given that the university is the ‘altar’ school where the marriage between conservative evangelicalism and neo … [Read more...]

Can a Christian be a Social Darwinist?

I don't have a definite answer to that although I tend to think Social Darwinism is incompatible with biblical Christianity.My point here, however, is simply that many American Christians seem to be able to embrace Social Darwinism while rejecting (often vehemently) biological Darwinism.I live in a social context strongly influenced by Christian fundamentalism. It's very common to see anti-evolution bumper stickers. Books and seminars against evolution abound. Not far from where I sit … [Read more...]

A New Book on Justification and Some Questions about Calvinism and Heavenly Rewards

A New Calvinist Book on Justification PerplexesI have been asked to review Justification: A Guide for the Perplexed by Reformed theologian Alan J. Spence (T&TClark, 2012). Spence is a United Reformed Church pastor in the U.K.I was asked to review it for The Evangelical Quarterly whose editor is I. Howard Marshall. I like the EQ partly because it has over the years published many excellent articles friendly to Arminianism.I won’t repeat all my points about Spence’s book here. You … [Read more...]

Brian Abasciano’s response to a review of his book on Romans 9-11

I don't normally do this at my blog, but friend Brian Abasciano of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a leading evangelical Arminian, has written an important book on Romans 9-11 from an Arminian perspective. An early review appears to misrepresent some ideas of the book and Brian has asked me to post his response here. If you know someone who has read the review in question, please see that they read Brian's response.Here is the response:Steve Moyise recently reviewed my book (Brian … [Read more...]

How to Believe without Being Fundamentalist

How to Believe without Being FundamentalistBecause of the prevalence of fundamentalism (and what I have here called “neo-fundamentalism”) in American religious life, many moderate Christian pastors struggle with how to preach and teach Christian truth, doctrine, without being absolutistic, narrow, presumptuous and exclusive. I receive questions like that all the time and it seems to be a question hanging “in the air,” so to speak, in many, if not most, moderate Christian churches and educati … [Read more...]

“Full Gospel?” Part 10 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Chapter 10 “The Holy Spirit”

Part 10 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Chapter 10: “The Holy Spirit”The chapter’s author is Gospel Coalition member Kevin DeYoung, a minister of the Reformed Church of America.Like many other chapters of The Gospel as Center, this one does not provide the fodder for controversy and criticism one might expect. For the most part it is a straightforward exposition of traditional Protestant doctrine of the Holy Spirit as person, God and distinct from the Father and Son. One statement wi … [Read more...]

“Fundamentalism” of the Left

I put "fundamentalism" in scare quotes to distinguish its use here from its proper, historical-theological use. It's proper historical-theological use has to do with the movement of conservative Protestants to oppose theological liberalism in denominations and seminaries (etc.) that arose in the early 20th century and with its various manifestations past and present. In that proper sense, there is no "fundamentalism of the left."However, many people (including yours truly occasionally) use … [Read more...]