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Theological thoughts about “megachurches”

The question of megachurches arises frequently. Recently someone here reported that an influential Baptist seminary president asked whether megachurches are the new liberalism. I'm not sure what that even means. "Megachurch" is a sociological phenomenon with theological implications. "Liberalism" (in this context, anyway) is a theological phenomenon. I am not aware of any sociological phenomenon called "liberalism" (when "liberalism" is used theologically). So, the question itself puzzles me. … [Read more...]

A Few Thoughts about Science and Theology

I did not get to hear Alvin Plantinga when he spoke at my university a couple weeks ago. His topic was theology and science. He has a new book about it that I plan to read (when I have a month to digest it!).Several people have asked me here about what role I think science does play in theology. That's because I rejected as invalid "Dear Abby's" claim that modern science has made the Bible's view of homosexuality invalid. I said that science can't do that.The argument is that if science … [Read more...]

A “Favorite” Pet Peeve: “Asking Oprah (or Dear Abby)…”

In a recent column a Christian woman asked "Dear Abby" (Pauline Phillips) about God and homosexuality. Her son came out to her and she was afraid to ask her pastor about God's attitude toward gay people because she was afraid of what he would say. So she wrote to "Abby" asking her how God views homosexuality. Abby's response was predictable--that science had shown the Bible to be unreliable on this subject and that entrance to heaven depends on a person's character only.This illustrates a p … [Read more...]

Recent responses to Against Calvinism

Here I post two e-mails that typify responses I've received from individuals about Against Calvinism. I'm not going to comment on them, just reproduced them here. I'll let you, my faithful readers, decide what you think and comment on them. I've removed anything that would identify their authors. First: "I recently read your book, Against Calvinism.  I first became aware of your work when I heard the debate you participated in with Dr. Horton on the White Horse Inn podcast.  I have leaned t … [Read more...]