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My Christianity Today article “The Bonds of Freedom”

My article "The Bonds of Freedom" is now published in Christianity Today (October, 2012) and should be available digitally on line--at least for subscribers. Try: will be interested in answers to this question: Does what I say here satisfy (or at least mollify) my Calvinist critics who say Arminians make an idol out of free will (e.g., by elevating it to true freedom)? Of course, any feedback is welcome (that is civil and … [Read more...]

Evangelical Inquisitions

Evangelical InquisitionsI’ve been actively involved in evangelicalism and especially the evangelical academy (scholarly community) for over thirty years now and I’ve noticed a bad habit among conservative evangelical biblical scholars and theologians. They seem addicted to inquisitions.It happened to me again, just today. An e-mail from “friends” (an evangelical organization I allegedly belonged to) informing me that I was under investigation (not their words, but clearly their intent) fo … [Read more...]