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What about Those Old Testament “Texts of Terror?” (A Review of an Almost New Book by Philip Jenkins)

What about Those Old Testament “Texts of Terror?” Review of a (Relatively) New Book by Philip JenkinsI just finished reading Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can’t Ignore the Bible’s Violent Verses by my colleague Philip Jenkins (Harper One, 2011). Philip is one of the most prolific Christian scholars these days. And he writes on a broad variety of issues related to contemporary Christianity. Of course, he’s best known for The Next Christendom—a ground breaking book about Christianity in the Glo … [Read more...]

Musings about Prayer: What It Is and Does

Musings about Prayer: What It Is and DoesPrayer is not exactly a controversial hot button issue, but maybe it should be. Not that I want it to divide people or want people to fight over it. My point is that people, and here I’m concerned mainly about Christians, should think about prayer as well as pray. Is everything called “prayer” really prayer in a biblical and theological sense? Does simply calling a practice prayer make it so? Also, can prayer actually change “things” (circumstances) or … [Read more...]

A Few Words about Oppression

A Few Words about OppressionSo, for the last week, we’ve been talking here about feminism. I want to thank all those who have contributed in constructive ways. We need more spaces where people concerned about oppression in society can discuss their different perspectives without rancor or dismissiveness.We’ve discovered that there is no universal agreement or even consensus about exactly what that word means. Perhaps we should talk about “feminisms,” rather than “feminism” as if that is a … [Read more...]

Some questions for feminists from a sympathizer

Please excuse the inevitable errors here; I'm using an ipad whose virtual keyboard is new to me.I hope to stimulate some constructive dialogue with these questions. I apologize in advance for any inadvertant offenses I may cause.I am reading bell hooks' Feminist Theory (2nd ed.) and I hope to learn from it. (For those who might not know she does not capitalize her names.)So, with some fear and trepidation, here are my questions:1) If power corrupts, would women with power be as … [Read more...]

Guest post by a Christian feminist about feminism

I invited someone I admire and respect, who considers herself a feminist, to provide a guest blog post about feminism. It follows here. I have to say, as with all guest posts, that it does not necessarily reflect my own views. But I wouldn't post it to my blog if I didn't think it worthy of serious consideration. (P.S. I will not post to my blog responses that are not constructive in some way: at the very least civil, respectful and aimed at continuing the conversation in a truly dialogical … [Read more...]

Thank God for heresy!

Long ago someone said that orthodoxy has heresy to thank for its existence. What he meant was that before there was heresy, as we generally think of that as "theological correctness" there was heresy. All the major tenets of Christian orthodoxy were carved out in response to false teachings among Christians.Now, however, the word heresy has become problematic in most circles, secular and Christian. So has orthodoxy. Like many good words and concepts these have been stretched to the breaking … [Read more...]

Thoughts about “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans

Thoughts about A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held EvansI had planned to wait until the last week of October to review this book—as requested by the publisher. The book’s official publication date is October 30, but it is already being widely discussed and criticized by people who have received “advance reader’s copies” (like me). Some complementarian bloggers are attacking it without reading it (based on what they’ve heard about it from others who may or may not have read it). This r … [Read more...]