Archives for October 11, 2012

Books about Christian creeds and confessional statements

Recently someone asked me to recommend books that will help understand creeds and confessional statements. I mentioned Philip Schaff's magisterial (but outdated) Creeds of Christendom. Here are three excellent sources for your consideration:Creeds of the Churches: A Reader in Christian Doctrine from the Bible to the Present by John H. Leith (John Knox Press). I hope it is still in print. If not, I'm sure used copies are available at the usual outlets on line.Christian Confessions: A … [Read more...]

Why I like denominations

Why I Like DenominationsOne of the sea changes taking place in American religious life is a popular turn away from denominations. Some say we are entering, if not already in, a “post-denominational” era. Nearly all traditional denominations are struggling with membership declines and revenue shortfalls. As I put my ear to the ground of popular opinion about religion, I hear rumblings of discontent about denominational labels and behaviors and a preference for what I call “plain label” Christi … [Read more...]