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Interview with Frank Viola

Here is a link to an interview. Frank Viola is a well-known and influential "beyond evangelical" author: … [Read more...]

When Did We Open the Pandora’s Box of Theological/Doctrinal Pluralism?

When Did We Open The Pandora’s Box of Theological/Doctrinal Pluralism?Recently, as occasionally in the past, I’ve been reading a lot of liberation theology. Or perhaps it should be “liberation theologies.” I use that term somewhat loosely; not everything that usually comes under that category heading is regarded as such by its adherents. I’m not sure what better label covers all the diverse special interest theologies that claim an experience of oppression as one of, if not the major, source … [Read more...]

Merry idolatry season!

Recently, in the last couple days, I've been in places where I have to listen to loud, canned, "Christmas" music. I didn't have to strain to hear the words; they were loud and clear. In one well-known chain coffee shop I have heard dozens of "seasonal" songs but not one about Jesus--directly or indirectly. One song is about Santa Claus and contains the words "Santa brings us peace" and "Santa brings us all love." There is no doubt that the song's writer intended to replace Jesus with Santa Claus … [Read more...]

Further stirring the pot regarding “feminism”

A while back I sparked a near flame war here (and in e-mails directly to me) by saying that I don't consider myself a "feminist" because so much of what goes under that label is anti-male. But I also qualified that by admitting that much depends on what "feminism" means. What I meant was that, if I have time to explain what I mean by "feminism," sure, then I can identify myself as a feminist.So what would I mean if I identified myself as a feminist? Some years ago British evangelical (she … [Read more...]

A Movie Illustration of What’s Wrong with Calvinism

A Movie Illustration of What’s Wrong with CalvinismSpoiler alert! If you intend to watch “Ruby Sparks” (a 2012 movie now on DVD) and you don’t want to know how it ends, stop reading now.I make no claim to being a movie critic. I know nothing about production values and often like movies critics hate. This one is probably not a very good movie—in terms of what critics like. It’s sappy, maudlin, unbelievable, etc. Nevertheless, my wife and I enjoyed it. It’s a decent little story somewhat a … [Read more...]

A Christian Humanist Manifesto–Part 3 (Final)

Two questions will immediately arise, or at least arise upon close reflection, in the minds of thinking Christians. First, can creatures satisfy God? That is, can we, mere "worm"s that we are, add something to God’s own bliss and enjoyment of himself? Second, is “glorification,” something all Christians believe is at least an eschatological reality for sinners saved by God’s grace and mercy, at all possible in this life—before the resurrection and new heaven and new earth? Related to the second q … [Read more...]

A Christian Humanist Manifesto…Part 2

Picking up where the previous post left off:So what’s the alternative? What is “Christian humanism?” Let me begin with Scripture. Psalm 8—the biblical charter of Christian humanism. Speaking to God the Psalmist criesWhen I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,the moon and the stars that you have established;what are human beings that you are mindful of them,mortals that you care for them?Yet you have made them a little lower than God,And crowned them with glo … [Read more...]