Interview with Frank Viola

Here is a link to an interview. Frank Viola is a well-known and influential “beyond evangelical” author:

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  • Ivan A. Rogers

    “I could tell many stories of my unfortunate experiences with conservative evangelical theologians and biblical scholars who have gone out of their way to damage my reputation for no other reason than that they do not perceive me as with them in their attempt to exclude open theists, postfoundationalists, inclusivists, etc”

    Dr. Olson, I enjoyed reading your responses to Frank Viola’s interview and agree with everything you said. May I follow up with a sincere question of my own for you? In the above interview response you have shown some sympathy to the “inclusivists.” As you know, there are many evangelicals who have come to believe the concept of ‘universal salvation,’ while at the same time abandoning the doctrine of eternal conscious torture (hell). MY QUESTION: Being an “inclusivist” would you go as far as to include those evangelical-type brethren who have embraced the universal redemption of all humanity and/or have rejected the traditional doctrine of hell?


    • rogereolson

      I would not attempt to exclude them.