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A Christian Humanist Manifesto: God Is Most Satisfied with Us When We Are Most Glorified by Him (Part 1)

A Christian Humanist Manifesto: God Is Most Satisfied with Us when We Are Most Glorified by HimRoger E. Olson            Few words provoke such a negative reaction among conservative Christians as “humanism.” Few single words so well summarize secular culture and its anthropocentrism as “humanism.” In the popular imagination, anyway, “humanism” evokes the impression of what media talking heads call “the indomitable human spirit” and conservative Christians call “man-centeredness.” By its … [Read more...]

Is Open Theism a Type of Arminianism?

Is Open Theism a Type of Arminianism?One of the reasons I started this blog was to provide a place to talk about Arminian issues, issues related to Arminian theology. (There is no “Arminian movement” as such, so all talk about Arminianism is about theology.) One of those questions is whether open theism, “openness of God” theology, is a version of Arminianism. Does it belong under the umbrella category “Arminian theology” or is it a “stand alone” theology vis-à-vis Arminianism? Are they separ … [Read more...]

Proof of Heaven?

Proof of Heaven?Recently I read the new book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D. (Simon & Schuster, 2012). Alexander’s story was told in Newsweek magazine and also on the television show 20/20.A spate of books purporting to provide “eyewitness” accounts of heaven have been published lately. One extremely popular one was Heaven Is for Real—the story of a small boy’s journey to heaven during an illness in which he apparently died.Th … [Read more...]

My List of “Approved Denominations”

Very frequently I receive e-mails from individuals (and some have asked here) for help finding a church. Often what they mean is--a denomination. I can hardly help them find a church in a geographical area I'm not familiar with (without spending a lot of time on the project). So I find it helpful to mention denominations to them--ones that I have reason to believe exist in their area.So, here I am going to do what I have never done before and hope it is helpful to church seekers.There … [Read more...]

Karl Barth the Arminian?

Okay, that would be a stretch! I'm not claiming that Barth was an Arminian in any classical or historical sense of Arminianism. He was a member, minister and theologian of the Swiss Reformed Church. Much of his theology resonates well with classical Reformed theology. However, in places, he broke decisively with especially "high federal Calvinism" (especially Beza and those who followed him).I've been reading a lot of Barth's Church Dogmatics lately. I've read most of CD before, but for … [Read more...]

Some Random and Curmudgeonly Thoughts about October 31

Some Random and Curmudgeonly Thoughts about October 31Every October 31 I have the same thoughts: “Why does American society make so much of Halloween?” and “We need a new Reformation.”This evening children are streaming to the front door, ringing the doorbell and saying something vaguely resembling “trick or treat,” if anything, and holding up their sacks, plastic pumpkin containers, and pillow covers for candy. I don’t begrudge them their holiday; I enjoyed it as a kid and I am more than … [Read more...]