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Rushing in where angels (at least in Texas) fear to tread!

So, once again we are saddened by the tragic mass shooting of innocent men, women and children. This time, apparently, from news reports, twenty children under 12. Are we becoming jaded by the frequency of the horror? I fear I am. I wish it were not so. I suspect many of us are beginning to put these school and mall and movie theater shootings in the category of the normal. Not that we think there's anything good about them, but I fear we are beginning to think of them like we think of, for … [Read more...]

Kudos to Courageous Columnist Kathleen Parker

Kudos to Courageous Columnist Kathleen ParkerTwo of my favorite female pundits are Kathleen Parker and Maureen Dowd. Both write syndicated columns for major American newspapers and speak from a woman’s perspective on contemporary social and political issues.I enjoy reading them because they are both informed, generally reliable (on the facts), rhetorically pleasing (clear, crisp, provocative), and courageous.More often than not I agree with Dowd on political issues and disagree with h … [Read more...]

The Positive Power of Negative Thinking

The Positive Power of Negative ThinkingYears ago I saw one of those one frame cartoons in a magazine like The New Yorker. Perhaps it was The New Yorker. I’ve forgotten now. It so humorously depicted my personality, at least as seen by others, that I decided to put it on my office door. It’s been three for many years now—at two different universities. The cartoon is minimal. It simply shows two stereotypical monk-like figures holding signs. Anyone who knows the genre knows right away the signs … [Read more...]

A Modest Proposal for an Ideal Social Order

A Modest Proposal for an Ideal Social OrderWhat a subject! And such a task! The enormity of it is overwhelming, so all I intend to do here is give a bare bones, that is skeletal, outline of what I regard as the ideal social order. It draws on what I understand to be the social principles of the Kingdom of God tempered by present realities. Thus, this vision assumes an “already but not yet” idea of the Kingdom. For example, I assume that in the Kingdom to come people will not need external inc … [Read more...]

A Must Read: Plantinga’s Gifford Lectures: “Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism”

A Must Read: Plantinga’s Gifford Lectures: Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, & NaturalismRecently I wrote about a long forgotten and neglected theology book that has fortunately been taken out of the “cemetery of forgotten books” and republished (Adrio König’s Here Am I!) right now I am about half way through a book that should never suffer that fate (and need such a resurrection). Well known Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga delivered Gifford Lectures at St. Andrews … [Read more...]

Good News about a Wonderful Theological Book with a New Lease on Life

Good News! A Wonderful Theological Book Gets a New Lease on LifeRecently I’ve been listening (on my ipod) to a trilogy of novels by Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafon (The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game and The Prisoner of Heaven). One especially interesting feature of all three is the (Zafon-created) mythical “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” that lies mostly unknown in Barcelona, Spain. Only a few initiates know of its existence. The “cemetery” is a gothic labyrinth-library that holds one c … [Read more...]

Some Musings about Worship as Gift and Task

Some Musings about Worship as Gift and TaskBefore presenting my musings, let me issue a caveat that I always assume, but many people who visit here seem not to understand. These blog posts are my musings. I don’t regard them as carved in stone, deep theological conclusions such as I might publish in a book or even an article for, say, Christianity Today or Christian Century. Some people who come seem to expect me to provide proof for everything I say here. They come with wrong assumptions. W … [Read more...]