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Why I Am Not a Fundamentalist (or Conservative Evangelical)

Why I Am Not a Fundamentalist (or Conservative Evangelical)I gladly identify  myself as an “evangelical Christian,” but I prefer not to call myself or be considered a fundamentalist or conservative even though there were times and contexts in which I might have fit those categories (however uncomfortably).Recently I posted here about how I define “fundamentalism” and identify a person as “fundamentalist.” Anyone who has come here often for very long knows I am not a fundamentalist by my o … [Read more...]

What Is “Fundamentalism” and Who Is a “Fundamentalist?”

What Is “Fundamentalism” and Who Is a “Fundamentalist?”Recently I posted here “Why I Am  Not a ‘Liberal’ Christian.” Someone asked me to write a similar post about fundamentalism—specifically how to identify a fundamentalist.I’ll begin with what most readers, probably, want to see and what the requester asked for—a series of criteria for identifying fundamentalism (or someone as a fundamentalist). Then I’ll go on to give historical-theological justification for the criteria. Readers who a … [Read more...]

Problems with Calvinist Polemics against Arminianism

Problems with Calvinist Polemics against ArminianismOf all the “five points of Calvinism” the one that bothers me most is Limited Atonement (or what many Calvinists prefer to call “Particular Atonement”). While I find unconditional election and irresistible grace troublesome and problematic, they rise nowhere near limited atonement in terms of departing from Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. I’ve explained why in Against Calvinism and other writings (e.g., my article about limited … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not a “Liberal Christian”

Why I Am Not a “Liberal Christian”Anyone who comes here regularly or has read any of my books knows I’m no fundamentalist. In fact, I struggle to get along with fundamentalists and pray for God’s grace to do it. I’m not proud of that fact, but I admit it. I’ve been burned by fundamentalism and seen the damage it does to individuals, churches and society.Recently a friend asked me to look at some web sites of Christians who proclaim themselves “progressive”—sometimes using the label “unfun … [Read more...]

Discrimination against Boys in Education (and Elsewhere)

Discrimination against Boys in Education (and Elsewhere)Occasionally I take a break from “theological musings” to muse about one of my pet interests: the increasing social bias against young males especially (but not solely) in education. I argue that this is not just a pet peeve of mine; it has ethical and social implications. First, it’s wrong to justify discrimination against boys because women suffer inequalities in pay and are subjected to sexism. Boys are not guilty of society’s continu … [Read more...]

Why I Love and Worship God

Why I Love and Worship GodOften I’m tempted to think one of the most basic differences between me and some fellow Christians is why we love and worship God.I love and worship God because of Jesus.Pietist leader Nicholas Ludwig Count von Zinzendorf once said that if it weren’t for Jesus he wouldn’t believe in God. I wouldn’t go quite that far. I think there is enough evidence for a supreme being, an intelligent designer and creator of the universe, that I would believe in God even if I … [Read more...]

Review of “An Evangelical Manifesto” Part 3 (Final)

Review of “An Evangelical Manifesto” Part 3 (Final)Once again I want to emphasize my general sympathy and agreement with this statement of evangelical identity and call for correction of confusion about the meaning of evangelicalism. One purpose of the Manifesto is express the need for evangelicals and others to learn to live in a pluralistic world “with our deepest differences,” which are religious in nature, without coercion or indifference. The Manifesto says “We wish to state what we mean … [Read more...]