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Everyday Theology (Talk at Missio Alliance Gathering April 2013)

“Everyday Theology” Roger E. Olson I believe that discipleship is the field of theology; if theology is worth anything it must be to guide discipleship in the real world of everyday life. By the “real world” I mean the social context in which God has placed you or where you find yourself whether you believe God put you there or wants you somewhere else. There you are; how to be the best disciple of Jesus Christ possible in that social context is the question. As I see it, there are two wrong appr … [Read more...]

Let the Conversations Continue–But Please Don’t….

I have had to delete a number of comments because they contained references to specific companies. If you write about businesses (for profit or not) never name them. Use terms like "a big box store" or "a fast food restaurant," etc.I can allow mention of churches and denominations (etc.) so long as they are neutral or complimentary (not advertisements) or merely expressions of disagreement with some well-known doctrine or practice (e.g., baptism). But, in general, it's safer to avoid using … [Read more...]