Archives for April 16, 2013

Changes Coming to Patheos Blogs….

Patheos is going to switching to a different blog format, so if you attempt to post a comment and it doesn't show up, chances are it got lost in the switch. (I've been warned this may be possible in the coming few days.) Hopefully the transition will go smoothly. If not, it's probably my fault as I'm not very adept at the technical aspects of blogging. So please be patient. Thank you. … [Read more...]

Missio Alliance Book Sale (Really Good Deals!)

I recently attended and spoke at the inaugural gathering of a new group called Missio Alliance. About 700 people attended. Among the speakers were friends Amos Yong, Scot McKnight, David Fitch, Gary Black and many more I had not previously met. It was an invigorating meeting of what I would call postconservative evangelicals. I'm sure many who attended and spoke would prefer some other label but I'm not sure what it would be (perhaps "post-evangelical" or "progressive evangelical" or "missional … [Read more...]