Missio Alliance Book Sale (Really Good Deals!)

I recently attended and spoke at the inaugural gathering of a new group called Missio Alliance. About 700 people attended. Among the speakers were friends Amos Yong, Scot McKnight, David Fitch, Gary Black and many more I had not previously met. It was an invigorating meeting of what I would call postconservative evangelicals. I’m sure many who attended and spoke would prefer some other label but I’m not sure what it would be (perhaps “post-evangelical” or “progressive evangelical” or “missional Christian” or whatever does not indicate “fundamentalist” or even “conservative” which is not to say some who attended weren’t those).

Over at Scot McKnight’s blog “Jesus Creed” you’ll find a really nice sale of Zondervan books by speakers at the gathering–including yours truly. “Against Calvinism” for $3.99? (!) (I doubt I’ll see any royalties from those books, but my main interest is just getting it out there and read.)

Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/10XZZLJ


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  • James Petticrew

    I really hate the Atlantic at times that would have been a great gathering to he part of

  • gingoro

    How about Orthodox Protestant as I understand Tim Keller uses as well as yours truly.

    • rogereolson

      Sure, I can accept that label. But it simply raises questions about “which Protestant orthodoxy?” Many orthodox Protestants (probably including Keller) would not consider me one of them. Much depends on how detailed “orthodoxy” is. I’m a Baptist. Lutherans, for example, certainly will not consider me “orthodox Protestant.”