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Please Don’t Go Away! And Please Keep Posting Comments. (And a Recommendation of a Good Faith-Based Novel)

Dear Blog Friends,The transition to Disqus continues. It was not my choice and I would have preferred the status quo. I have asked Patheos to make it possible for you to comment without having to create a Disqus account or sign in. I hope that is the case. It seems to me that probably several (man?) comments have gotten lost in the transition. Hopefully that will not be the case from now on. So please comment and I will do my best to figure out how to use Disqus (the Patheos people are being … [Read more...]

A New Liberation Theology?

A New Liberation Theology?             Coming out of Brazil is a new liberation theology that is not revolutionary, utopian or even socialistic in the older senses. Its new prophet is Korean-Brazilian theologian Jung Mo Sung. He teaches at both a Methodist and a Catholic university in Sao Paulo. Although he writes in Portugese, some of his books are now being translated into English. One I am reading is Desire, Market and Religion in the Reclaiming Liberation Theology series published by SCM Pre … [Read more...]