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A Talk I Gave on Pietism and Christian Higher Education

Further Thoughts on Pietism and Christian Higher Education: Seven Years Later Roger E. Olson            Seven years ago I spoke at Bethel College’s faculty retreat about “Thoughts on the Christ-centered College/University” using Wheaton College’s then president Duane Litfin’s book Conceiving the Christian College. I focused that talk on Chapter 4 of the book that dealt with faith-learning integration.Propelled to do so by this assignment I re-read that talk. I stand by everything I said … [Read more...]

“Hitlerland”–Can It Happen Here (in America)?

What do I mean by "it" in this post's title? I don't mean Hitler, of course. I mean the phenomenon described vividly and frighteningly by journalist and author Nagorski in his book (which I am reading) entitled "Hitlerland." It's a detailed account of Americans living in Germany during Hitler's riser to power. Most of them were journalists or diplomats; a few tourists are included. The sources are their journals, articles, books and diaries. What's frightening about the (true) story is how many … [Read more...]

My Response to Wade Burleson Regarding Graciously Kissing Calvinism Goodbye

See Wade Burleson's blog post here: appreciate Wade's irenic tone in this blog post. However, the claim that a non-Calvinist must be a universalist  (which is clearly implied if not outrightly stated) is false.Throughout Christian history MOST non-Calvinists (the majority of Christians) have NOT been universalists. C. S. Lewis was certainly not one.Now, if all Wade means is that someone who does not … [Read more...]

Follow Up to My Post about Gay Boy Scouts

So far, the main objection raised here has been that boys and young men with a sexual preference for males should be excluded from Boy Scouts because their presence will make heterosexual boys uncomfortable.To you who raised this objection I ask--What is your advice, then, for public schools? Boys and young men shower together after gym and sports activities all the time. Should schools exclude students with same-sex orientation? From what? How?"Gay boys" and "gay young men" have been in … [Read more...]

Gay Boy Scouts–So What?

Gay Boy Scouts—So What?According to news reports (Associated Press, byline David Crary, June 8, 2013) the Southern Baptist Convention is likely to vote a resolution encouraging SBC-related churches to phase out sponsorship of the Boy Scouts. Russell Moore, new president of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is quoted as saying “I do think most Southern Baptists see the Boy Scouts moving in a direction that’s not going to be consistent with our beliefs.” The Associated Press re … [Read more...]

“Help, Mom! There Are Calvinists under My Bed!” Some Ideas for a New Book

Help, Mom! There Are Calvinists under My Bed! Some Ideas for a New BookHave you seen the new book published by Cross Books (apparently a division of LifeWay) entitled Help, Mom! There Are Arminians under My Bed!? I haven’t read it; I’ve just seen the “cover.” (I put cover in scare quotes because it is apparently only available in e-form. Can you really call a digital image a “cover?”)So here are some of my suggestions of what a book entitled Help, Mom! There are Calvinists under My Bed! m … [Read more...]

Games (Some) Theologians Play

 Games (Some) Theologians Play             If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know that I defend the value and autonomy of theology as a definite discipline for the churches. In a nutshell, when theology (as I described it in my recent series What Is Theology and Who Does It?) is abandoned or neglected, the church gets sick (and by “church” here I mean to include both the church universal and the individual congregation). When it is doing its job rightly and when the church is listen … [Read more...]